Become a Gladiator


3 Months of Wrestling: June, July & August

June 1st thru August 17th
Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday
K – 5th Grade: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
6th – 12th Grade: 6:00 -7:30 PM

Three Options Available
One (1) Day Per Week: $239 For All Three Months Princeton University
Two (2) Days Per Week: $359 For All Three Months
Three (3) Days Per Week: $419 For All Three Months

20% Discount for K-5th Grade Coach Brandon Spellman

Closed July 3rd and 4th
In order for coaches to enjoy their Summer we will be
closed for three (3) unspecified days this Summer.

Membership Comparison Chart

COPY and PASTE the URL below into your browser to view a chart that shows the comparisons of our memberships for further understanding and clarifications.

Gladiators Wrestling Membership

Gladiators is here to help you reach your maximum wrestling and personal development potential. We have created three membership options that are flexible and give wrestlers of all ages, abilities and interest level the the freedom to pick a solution appropriate for their individual level of interest. Wrestlers have the option of “Yearly Memberships,” “Monthly Membership” or a “10 Pack” of lessons.

Complimentary Trial Session

We invite you and your child to come and experience all that Gladiators Wrestling has to offer. Come and speak with the coaches and participate in a class or two. We are here to help develop young men and women be their better selves. We invite you to come and see what we are doing right.

Annual Membership

The Annual Membership benefits include:

1. Participation in all Open Classes.

2. Ability to participate in “Private Lesson Programs.” Additional Private Lesson Fees Apply.

3. Ability to participate on “Tournament Travel Teams.” Additional Team Fees Apply.

4. Your annual membership is based on the level you participate at and not your actual grade level.

Annual Membership Price

18 Months – K (One Hour Class): $499.99

K-2nd Grade (One Hour Class): $599.99

3rd – 5th Grade: $799.99

6th – 8th Grade: $999.99

9th– 12th Grade: $1,199.99

Monthly Membership

The Monthly Membership benefits include:

1. Participation in all Open Classes

Monthly Membership does not give wrestlers ability to participate in “Private Lesson Program” or “Tournament Travel Team.”

Monthly Membership Price

18 Months – K (One Hour Class): $84.99

K-2nd Grade (One Hour Class): $99.99

3rd – 5th Grade: $129.99

6th – 8th Grade: $139.99

9th– 12th Grade: $149.99

Single Session Fee

“Drop-in Fee” for participation in our classes is $25.

Wrestlers can purchase a “10 Session Pack” of lessons which must be used within a one (1) year period.

10 Session Pack Price

18 Months – K: $199.99

K-2nd Grade (One Hour Class): $199.99

3rd – 6th Grade: $199.99

7th – 8th Grade: $199.99

9th– 12th Grade: $199.99


Gladiators Total Coach™ is the highest level of coaching attention a wrestler can receive. Our Total Coach™ Program is a very personal, integrated and comprehensive approach to wrestling improvement. It offers the dedicated wrestler a personal coach, that works consistently with the wrestler to develop advanced wrestling skills, knowledge and technique. You meet with your personal coach regularly and build a progressive path to success using our proprietary Gladiators Wrestling System™.

The benefit of the Gladiators Total Coach™ is that it offers everything our regular Yearly Membership offers plus, it provides the wrestler with a Personal Dedicated Wrestling Coach who works with the wrestler to create a Written Strategic Wrestling Plan and Development Strategy; Targeted Wrestling Skills and Knowledge Assessment; Video Reviews of Matches and Practices.

If you are looking for personal attention and a path to wrestling success there is no better way to do it than our Total Coach™ Program.

Total Coach – Annual Membership Price

3rd – 6th Grade: $1,399.00

7th – 8th Grade: $1,599.00

9th– 12th Grade: $1,799.00

Tournament Travel Team

Gladiators is committed to providing year-round wrestling opportunities to our wrestlers of all experience levels. We provide Spring, Summer and Fall Tournament Travel Team wrestling opportunities for K-12th grade wrestlers. Whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced wrestler there is a team opportunity for you. Gladiators Teams are a great way to learn, compete and gain valuable wrestling experience. It is also a wonderful way to make friends with people from all over Somerset County and beyond.

Private Lesson Program

Gladiators Private Lesson Programs are appropriate for all wrestlers whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced wrestler. We match small groups of appropriate skilled wrestlers together and focus on the area of improvement required by each wrestler. It’s a great way to learn and develop wrestling skill and knowledge. The setting is private and intimate. Our Private Lesson Program meet on Thursday and Sunday.

Private Lesson Program Price

K-2nd Grade: $299.99

3rd – 6th Grade: $324.99

7th – 8th Grade: $349.99

9th– 12th Grade: $399.99

Individual Private Lessons

Individual Private Lessons are a great way to work on specific areas of your wrestling that you may be having trouble with or simply wish to improve.

Private Lessons Price

Private Sessions (60 Minutes): $75.00

Semi-Private Sessions (60 Minutes): $45.00

Family Discounts

Families with multiple wrestlers receive the following discounts in order of age – Oldest to youngest.

1. First Family Wrestler receives no discount.

2. Second Family Wrestler receives a 30% discount off of their membership.

3. Third Family Wrestler receives a 50% discount off of their membership.

USA Wrestling Insurance Requirements

Gladiators Wrestling is an enthusiastic member of USA WRESTLING the main wrestling body for wrestling in the United States. In order to wrestle at Gladiators Wrestling you must be a member of USA WRESTLING NEW JERSEY INC. and hold an up-to-date USA Wrestling Card. The up-to-date Membership / Insurance Card must be provided to Gladiators Wrestling before any participation is permitted. A USA Wrestling Membership is good for one year and starts on September 1st each year.

To obtain a USA Wrestling Card or renew your USAW Membership:

1. Click the “Renew/Buy Membership” button below or go to

2. Log in to your account or create a new account.

3. Once logged in, under Memberships, press “Go To Memberships”.

4. Press “Purchase Membership” on that screen and continue the process by following the prompts provided.

Financial Support

Gladiators is committed to seeing that any child that wishes to wrestle has an opportunity to do so regardless of finances.

Please reach out if you wish to discuss financial assistance. Please note that we will request appropriate personal financial information from you.