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Classes are set with a limited number of wrestlers scheduled in advance


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Every Class is Like a Private Lesson

At Gladiators, winning wrestling matches is not the goal. Some may find this statement surprising but Gladiators knows that in any endeavor, winning is simply the by-product of all that is done to prepare for competition. If you prepare properly you will be successful. If you prepare better than the competition. . . you will win.

In reality. . . our classes are like private lessons. Gladiators offers a comprehensive approach to preparation which starts with excellent instruction, smaller class sizes, low coach to wrestler ratio, a personalized wrestling plan, regular written assessments and video reviews.

In addition, Gladiators is progressive in its teaching and development. We teach wrestling mastery through “Wrestling Move Series” which gives the wrestler numerous options from any one move or position. Our “Wrestling Move Series” are taught, reviewed, systemically reinforced and eventually mastered. Our students find the method fun and they become super motivated about the sport as they employ what they learn and become successful on the wrestling mat.

Gladiators welcomes any wrestler who desires to learn more about the sport of wrestling or wants to work on athleticism, speed, strength or mental and emotional skills. We invite you to visit us at “The Coliseum” any time we are open. Please check our wrestling schedule and meet the coaches before practice.

Gladiators desires to be your year round training facility. We realize that children typically participate in more than one sport but our hours are so flexible that there are always opportunities for any athlete to come, work out and stay in shape. Gladiators is a welcoming, positive and encouraging culture. Please feel free to stop in anytime. If you have any questions please call or email us.


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